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  • jasonhickel

    Jason Hickel @jasonhickel

    The richest 1% have already blown their fair share of the 1.5°C carbon budget six times over. They are literally devouring our planet.

  • EmberClimate

    Ember @EmberClimate

    Wind and solar are where most growth in electricity generation will happen over the next two decades. From the @IEA Net Zero by 2050 roadmap

  • News24

    News24 @News24

    Without the addition of new generation capacity immediately, the decline of Eskom will continue and probably accelerate. The only hope is the introduction of new capacity, says the power utility. | @CowansView

  • MajolaWillibrod

    Willibrod Majola @MajolaWillibrod

    As eskom runs out of money for diesel, we should not be using diesel in the first place. Eskom has added 9396 MW to the Grid since 2015. IRP2019 says last 2 Units of Kusile connect in 2022 & now eskom pushed them to 2023 & 2024

  • energycouncilsa

    Energy Council of South Africa @energycouncilsa

    LOSS AND DAMAGE FUND: COP27 makes history with agreement on ‘loss and damage’ fund for vulnerable countries impacted by climate change

  • News24

    News24 @News24

    The World Bank has approved South Africa’s request for funding to repurpose Eskom’s recently decommissioned coal-fired Komati power station in Mpumalanga by using renewables. | @News24_Business

  • fbirol

    Fatih Birol @fbirol

    The latest @IEA analysis shows today’s climate pledges by governments, if fully achieved, would limit the global temperature rise to 1.7C. This is an improved outcome vs 1.8C at #COP26 a year ago thanks to new pledges, notably Indonesia’s. But much more is needed to reach 1.5C.

  • nickhedley

    Nick Hedley @nickhedley

    Notable climate finance deals over the past year: - Indonesia to receive $20 billion - Vietnam to get $11 billion - South Africa to get $8.5 billion The funding will primarily go towards clean energy investments.

  • AfriClimatConvo

    Africa Climate Conversations @AfriClimatConvo

    Have you had a chance to listen to @Smbuguah thought provoking session on Africa's #energy #JustTransition pathway? If not, please click on the youtube link below. Leave us a comment, please subscribe, and share. @COP27P @_AfricanUnion @energydesk_sa

  • amaBhungane

    amaBhungane @amaBhungane

    BREAKING: The SIU has demanded that German software giant @SAP return R1-billion in fees paid by Eskom on State Capture deals. Here’s what you need to know🧵 #SAP

  • drtracyledger

    Dr Tracy Ledger @drtracyledger

    SA's JET IP includes reducing energy poverty: it proposes doubling FBE to 100kWh/month. This is a huge step towards universal access to electricity. Despite their supposed concern for energy poverty, coal supporters have never made a similar policy commitment. @TheINETTT

  • GaylorTIPS

    Gaylor Montmasson-Clair @GaylorTIPS

    Presentation of @SAPVIA's #SolarPower local content report underway. Already about 4GW of solar PV installed in SA by the end of 2021

  • EmberClimate

    Ember @EmberClimate

    26% of total global emissions come from the power sector. Fantastic new tool using machine learning from @ClimateTRACE and our friends at @TransitionZero that allows you to track those emissions plant by plant.

  • M_Jay94

    M-Jay @M_Jay94

    @MightiJamie 90% of South Africa's electricity currently comes from coal. So when you say renewables have plunged South Africa into darkness, what do you mean? Can we stick to facts and not make up stuff? Eskom corruption and mismanagement has plunged SA into darkness. Not renewables!

  • toeydayal

    Ashvin Dayal @toeydayal

    Carbon markets must work for Africa. Exciting to see so much political support for the newly launched African Carbon Markets Initiative at COP27, with a goal of generating over $6B in annual financing by 2030 ⁦@EnergyAlliance⁩ ⁦@SEforALLorg⁩ ⁦@RockefellerFdn⁩

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