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  • Ivanyles

    Ivan Yaholnitsky @Ivanyles



    Black Energy Professionals Association @BEPA_SA

    The Black Energy Professionals Association (@BEPA_SA) would like to extend our congratulations to the newly appointed board members of @Eskom_SA 😀👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. #newboard #boardmembers #eskom #congratulations

  • MajolaWillibrod

    Willibrod Majola @MajolaWillibrod

    @chrisyelland Eskom will never return to its former glory. It does not have sufficient funds to refurbish/renew old stations nor to do environmental retrofits. I wonder where funds for repurposing old stations will come from. they have alrsaid they will prioritise stations lasting beyond 2035

  • MajolaWillibrod

    Willibrod Majola @MajolaWillibrod

    @chrisyelland so as they start decommissioning those old stations while prioritising newer ones, and as new capacity is added, maybe EAF of newer stations will improve to 75%.

  • KetanJ0

    Ketan Joshi @KetanJ0

    New study: In 2019 and 2020, Bitcoin mining climate damages were higher than gas power generation and nearly as high as coal power. Since 2018 they've always been higher than: - Petrol + car manufacturing - Meat (inc beef) - Mining (gold, copper, etc)

  • TimMLatimer

    Tim Latimer @TimMLatimer

    Good overview here of what I think continues to be the most overlooked story in all of energy and climate: Kenya’s rapid ascent as a geothermal powerhouse.

  • AlexLenferna

    Alex Lenferna, Ph.D. @AlexLenferna

    It's good to see Eskom investing in the manufacturing of solar & storage solutions, particularly for those without energy access. It's not enough, as we need much more home-grown & South African-made renewable energy solutions, but it's something.

  • ncontsi

    Ncontsi @ncontsi

    Locally owned renewable energy case studies being discussed in this webinar. Residents over revenue. Focus is on democratic engagement to reimagine how the just transition could also meet socioeconomic considerations of a society.

  • GBSynergy77

    Gareth Burley @GBSynergy77

    Training sales teams & installers on how to size backup & solar systems at @microcare_energy #solartraining #solarenergy

  • ferialhaffajee

    Ferial Haffajee @ferialhaffajee

    BREAKING | Treasury bans Bain & Co. from public sector contracts for a decade

  • StandardKenya

    The Standard Digital @StandardKenya

    Kenya Power to purchase electric cars, to phase out fossil-powered cars

  • ARIS_REinvest

    Africa Renewable Energy Investment Summit (ARIS) @ARIS_REinvest

    Eskom signing 4 new contracts with IPPs to lease Eskom land in Mpumalanga for development of #RenewableEnergy over the next few weeks. The projects to add 2000MW more capacity to the grid. #ARIS2022

  • BloombergNRG

    Bloomberg Energy @BloombergNRG

    Australia’s coal state announces a major shift into renewables as part of a massive program focused on clean energy and jobs

  • DavidOsmond8

    David Osmond @DavidOsmond8

    Thread: Each week I’m running a simulation of Australia’s main electricity grid using rescaled generation data to show that it can get very close to 100% renewable electricity with just 5 hrs of storage (24 GW / 120 GWh) Results: last week: 99.2% RE last 57 weeks: 98.8% RE (1/4)

  • e_transitions

    Brenda Martin @e_transitions

    One of the best factual summaries I've read on how we have arrived at our current power supply crisis. Well done @amaBhungane, can't wait for part 2.

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